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Spring is here in NE Ohio!  The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and the sun is shining!   I pray you all stay safe and healthy as you venture out into this nice time of year! 

Check out the latest news from Jo’s Crafty Hook below.

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From now until April 31, 2021 I am having a 50% off SALE on ALL of my crochet patterns at Ravelry!  You can even get 50% off my Diamonds Collection eBook as well.  The 50% off sale on my Diamond Collection eBook would allow you to purchase it for $15!!  What a DEAL!  You can find out more information about my Diamond Collection eBook below.





During the month of April I will be 1 of 2 featured crochet designers inside the Facebook Group Two Redheads Crochet.  Me and Kalia Osborn will be taking over the Facebook Group Two Redheads Crochet for the whole month of April.  What this means is, me and Kalia will be able to feature ourselves.  We can share information about our crochet journeys, our stores, our websites, and more.  Each week there will be crochet pattern giveaways, new discussions, and more.  Please join me and Kalia Osborn inside the Facebook Group Two Redheads Crochet as we take over their group for the Month of April.  If you are not a member, this is totally ok!  You can join us and have fun!  Come join us at Two Redheads Crochet!



Diamonds Collection eBook Patterns

You can now find my Diamonds Collection eBook in my Ravelry Store and Etsy Shop!  The eBook is a $50 retail value.  As an introductory price of $30 you can get the eBook for 40% off the retail value!  The eBook contains crochet patterns for a Wrap, 2 Summer Tees, 2 Pocket Shawls in Adult & Child Sizes, an Afghan Square, and a Cowl!  One of the crochet patterns in my Diamonds Collection eBook is not sold in any of my stores, so stop by my Ravelry Store or my Etsy Shop and grab your copy of the Diamonds Collection eBook!



Friendship Blanket Bundle
The Friendship CAL has started!!  From January 15, 2021 until April 18, 2020 Sunflower Cottage Crochet will be revealing one 9″ x 9″ Square twice a month.  There will be over 25 crochet designers taking part in the Friendship CAL!  You can find the released squares on my website here
If you prefer NOT to wait for the releases of the Friendship CAL Squares, you can get ALL 40 Square crochet patterns in the Friendship CAL Bundle!  For only $10 you can get all 40 squares from 25 different crochet designers in one place!  Purchase the Friendship CAL Bundle today!
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Do you love to Crochet?  Are you looking for inspiration?  Well, you will find some free crochet patterns here on my website.  Or if you prefer Ad-Free PDF crochet patterns you can visit my stores listed  below!.



Below are some of the Crochet Patterns you may see on my website in 2020-2021!  Custom Orders are welcome!


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