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Hi there!  I am adding a new feature to my website where I break down the free crochet patterns so they are easier for you to find.  There will be different categories, such as Stash Busters, Apparel, Accessories, and more!

I hope you like this new feature.  I tried to make this an easier way for you to search free crochet patterns on my website!  Below you will find Apparel!

  • Fairland Sweater/Pullover

    Fairland Sweater/Pullover

    Free crochet pattern for a V-Neck sweater/pullover. This design uses the Herringbone Half Double Crochet, which creates a tight even stitch.
  • Amy Pullover/Sweater

    Amy Pullover/Sweater

    Free crochet pattern for a Pullover/Sweater. This designs uses the Half Double Crochet in the 3r Loop. This technique creates a tight stitch with a ribbed or knit look.
  • Summer of Love Tank Top

    Summer of Love Tank Top

    Free crochet pattern for a Summer Tank Top. The pattern creates beautiful hearts in the design. There are multiple sizes to choose from.
  • Ombre Waves Tank Top

    Ombre Waves Tank Top

    Free crochet pattern for a tank top that can be worn all year round! There are subtle waves that appear when crocheting the design.
  • Nellie Summer Tee

    Nellie Summer Tee

    Free crochet pattern for a Summer Tee that uses the N Stitch. There are multiple sizes to choose from!

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