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Newsletter Incentive Offer

I am offering you a Newsletter Incentive for signing up for Jo’s Crafty Hook’s Newsletter!!  As a new subscriber, I’m giving you a FREE premium crochet pattern of my Triple Vee Scarf.  

The Triple Vee Scarf is a great accessory piece.  The pattern calls for Fingering Weight Yarn, but the scarf pattern is so easy you can use any weight yarn.  This would make a great accessory for men and women alike.


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A Little Bit about Me

I would love to tell you a little bit about myself and Jo’s Crafty Hook.

My name is Jo Baird and I am the creator of Jo’s Crafty Hook.  I have been crocheting for over 25 years. I love trying new stitches and new designs.  I started designing my own crochet patterns in 2018.  You will find a wide variety of crochet patterns inside my stores that are quick and easy to advanced.  You will find things like Baby Items, Women’s and Men’s accessories, even patterns for the Pets!

I have been married for 30+ years to a man who makes me laugh every day, my best friend and soul mate.  My husband supports me in my love of crochet.  He is just as much a part of Jo’s Crafty Hook as I am.  He’s is my color coordinator, photographer, design critique, prop builder, lighting director and anything and everything I need!  Where would we be without the support of our better halves, right?!?

I also have 2 beautiful children, a son and a daughter whom I love dearly.  When I started designing crochet patterns my kids were the inspiration, I would design things that my kids loved.  They are adults now, but I still run things by them.  They let me know what they think about my designs, whether good or bad!  lol

Custom Orders Welcome

I especially love making others versions of my Handmade Crocheted Creations.  This lets me know that my designs are well received.  When people place a custom order, this lets me customize their design to fit their style, size and color!  I also love for others to see my Handmade Crocheted Creations.


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How to get your FREE crochet pattern

Are you asking yourself “How do I get the pdf copy of the Triple Vee Scarf crochet pattern  for FREE?”  Here’s how:

Sign up for my Newsletter by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE button at the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Once you subscribe you will receive a Thank You email with the link to the crochet pattern at my Ravelry Store.  Once you click on the link inside your email, the pattern will automatically be added to your cart!  Just Check Out and your are done!

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Triple Vee Scarf
Where to find me

You can find some great FREE Crochet Pattern on my website.  You will find Accessories, Apparel, Hats & Scarves, and Stash Busters.

Also, to help you find out what is on sale, I have created my own Sales Page for you to take advantage of some awesome deals!

You will also find my crochet patterns at my Ravelry Store, LoveCrafts, and my Etsy Shop.

If you would like to see a new type of design; see more tips; more helpful articles; or anything else, please feel free to email me:

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