Hats, Scarves, and more

Hats, Scarves, and More!

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  • Sherbet Beret Crochet Pattern

    Sherbet Beret Crochet Pattern

    The Sherbet Beret Crochet Pattern adds a little flair to what type of hats you wear. When I see berets I think of France or Military types of hats or a fun hat to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Jimmy Beanie

    Jimmy Beanie

    If you love to do the Cable Stitch or you would love to learn how, then my Jimmy Beanie is the perfect crochet pattern for you! This pattern is named after my hubby Jim, but it is also a perfect Unisex Beanie.
  • Barberton Skull Cap

    Barberton Skull Cap

    This is a FREE crochet pattern for a skull cap that will make a great addition to any school kids Winter wardrobe.
  • Freyja Pet Cowl

    Freyja Pet Cowl

    Customize the Freyja Pet Cowl Crochet Pattern to fit your pet from small to large. Can be adjusted for people as well.
  • Boxy Bulky Cowl

    Boxy Bulky Cowl

    This cowl uses bulky yarn to create a nice warm and thick cowl that you can use to accessorize any outfit.
  • XBox Scarf

    XBox Scarf

    This is a Unisex Scarf Crochet Pattern in multiples sizes. You can make it for 2-4 years up to Adult Large.
  • Berry Topper Beanie

    Berry Topper Beanie

    The Berry Topper is a great pattern for kids. This design was created for Cancer Awareness. Cancer affects babies, kids, and adults alike. You can crochet this beanie for any size.
  • Oyster Shell Scarf

    Oyster Shell Scarf

    I designed a stitch a couple of years ago that I called the Lilac Cluster Stitch. I always wanted to use the stitch in a design that works in rows and I achieved it in the Oyster Shell Scarf Crochet Pattern.
  • Turning Leaves Scarf

    Turning Leaves Scarf

    This is a GREAT Unisex Scarf that you can make for Guys, Girls, and even pets! You can customize the Turning Leaves Scarf to fit anyone's style, size, and colors!
  • Unisex Herringbone Set

    Unisex Herringbone Set

    Unisex free crochet pattern for a beanie and cowl set that will fit boys and men. This pattern contains 3 sizes to choose from and uses the Herringbone Half Double Crochet.
  • Little Nugget Beanie

    Little Nugget Beanie

    The Little Nugget Beanie is a crochet pattern I designed especially for Preemie Babies. The Beanies can be donated to your local hospital’s NICU, to the families who have preemie babies, or to bring Awareness to those little ones who have cancer.
  • Simplicity Set Crochet Pattern

    Simplicity Set Crochet Pattern

    Fall is the perfect time of year to crochet Hats, Scarves and Gloves. When the air starts getting chilly, you want to wear something that keeps warm and toasty. This is a great Unisex crochet pattern that can be made for both Men and Women.
  • Twisted Twizzlers Beanie and Scarf Set

    Twisted Twizzlers Beanie and Scarf Set

    Free crochet pattern for a hat and scarf set.
  • BlueBerry Waffle Beanie

    BlueBerry Waffle Beanie

    Free crochet pattern for 2 different types of hats with 2 ways to finish them.
  • Lilac Cluster Beanie

    Lilac Cluster Beanie

    Free crochet pattern that features a stitch I designed called the Lilac Cluster. This is a great beanie for any season because it uses light weight yarn.
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