The Summer of Love Tank Top Crochet Pattern

The Summer of Love Tank Top Free Crochet Pattern

The Summer of Love Tank Top Crochet Pattern is another design I created in recognition of Cancer Awareness Month and the women in my family who were diagnosed with one form of Cancer or another.  I am glad to say they all are cancer FREE right now.  I am so proud of them and their survival, so I decided to design another crochet pattern called the Summer of Love Tank Top!

Summer of Love Tank Top

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I would LOVE to thank 5 of my crochet pattern testers for all of their hard work and dedication to this design.  They are Lindsay Silvestrini, Candace Broussard Doucet, Kelly Vecchione, Laura Poulsen, and Tara Smith.  Below their versions of the Summer of Love Tank Top are being modeled.


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Etsy Shop:

Summer of Love Tank Top

Summer of Love Tank Top

US Hook I or 5.5 mm

500-1200 yards of  #3 Light Weight Yarn
Tapestry Needle
Stitch Markers

Stitches Used:
DC = Double Crochet

SC = Single Crochet
Ch Sp = Chain Space
St = Stitch
SS = Slip Stitch
SC = Single Crochet
SS = Slip Stitch
FDC = Foundation Double Crochet (YouTube video here.)
LDC = Long Double Crochet (YouTube has GREAT instructional videos!)
Beg Shell = ch 3, DC, ch 1, 2 DC all in the same stitch
Shell = 2 DC, ch 1, 2 DC all in same stitch

US Hook I/5.5 mm

8 DC x 5 Rows = 2”

4” x 4” Gauge Swatch:

16 FDC or ch 18, dc in the 4th ch from hook and remaining 14 st.  Turn
R2-R8:  Ch 3 and dc in each st across.  Turn (16 dc)


  • You can find a  Video Tutorial for the Straps at my YouTube Channel here.
  • Ch 2 does not count as a DC
  • Ch 3 does count as a DC
  • Shells made create the Heart

Special Notes
*Sizes range from S, M, L, XL, 2X, and 3X

*FDC 112 (126, 140, 154, 168, 184)
*The Top is crocheted from the Bottom to Top.
*The top is crocheted as One Piece except for when attaching the Sleeves.

Candace Broussard Doucet
Bust Size 34 38 40 42 44 46
Sizes Small Medium Large X-Large 2X 3X
Tank Top Width 15” 17” 19” 21” 23” 25”
Tank Top Height w/o Straps 14” 16” 18” 20” 22” 24”
Tank Top Straps Height   6”   6” 8” 8” 10” 10”
Tank Top Height 20” 22” 26” 28” 32” 34”

Tank Top

Lindsay Silvestrini’s Version


Starting at the Bottom of the Top

R1:  For Bottom of the Top FDC 112 (126, 140, 154, 168, 184) Join in 1st FDC  OR Chain 118, 132, 146, 160, 174, 190, join to form circle being careful to keep it straight.  Ch 3 and DC in each ch across. 112 (126, 140, 154, 168, 184) DC.

R2:  ch 3, dc in each st around. 112 (126, 140, 154, 168, 184) DC.  Join in top of Ch 3.

With a Tapestry Needle sew the FDC row closed.

R3 Video Tutorial 

R3: [Ch 3, dc, ch 1, 2 dc all in same stitch. (Beg Shell) made]  ch 3, skip 6 st, 2 dc, ch 1. 2 dc all in the same stitch. (Shell made).  *Ch 3, skip 6 st, Shell in next st.* Repeat from * to * around. ss in top of ch 3 of Beg Shell.

R4 Video Tutorial

R4:  ss in ch 1 sp of Beg Shell, ch 1, sc in same st., *ch 2, skip 2 dc from previous row, 1 ldc in next 2 st of previous Row, ch 2, sc in ch 1 space of next Shell.*  Repeat from * to * around. Join with ss into SC.

Repeat R2-R4  until your Top measures 14” (16” 18” 20” 22” 24”)  Be sure to end with R3. Do not turn.

Once your Top measures correctly move on to the Straps.



Step 1:  Fold Shirt in ½ using the Hearts/Shells as your Guide.  Place Stitch Markers using the Steps below.
Step 2:  Skip 2 Hearts from the Left and Right for Small and Medium
Step 3:  Skip 3 Hearts from the Left and Right for Large and XLarge
Step 4:  Skip 4 Hearts from the Left and Right for 2X and 3X

Laura Poulsens Version

Video Tutorial for the Straps

Attaching the Strap

R1:  Skip 2 st from previous row, ss in next st, ch 4, ldc, ch 2, sc in sc of Shell, ch 2, skip 2 st from previous row, ldc in last 2 st.  Turn

R2:  ch 3, dc in each st across. (9 dc)  Turn

R3:  ch 1, sc in same st, ch 3, skip 3 st, Shell in next st, ch 3, sc in last st.  Turn

R4:  ch 3, ldc in next st, ch 2, sc in heart, ch 2, ldc and dc in last 2 st.  Turn

Repeat R2-R4 3 more times for Small and Medium; 4 more times for Large and XLarge; and 5 more times for 2X and 3X.  If you need to, add more Rows needed to reach the correct Strap size for You.

Repeat Steps 1-4 3 more times using the same methods mentioned above being sure to place Stitch Markers in the correct positions.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

From the Designer:

I originally designed the Wrapped in Love Hat and Cowl Set to show my support for Cancer Awareness Month.  As I grow as a Fiber Artist, my designs grow. This Tank Top is another design that has been added to the Wrapped In Love Line.  I have more than one loved one who had been diagnosed with cancer and have BEATEN It! They are true Survivors and the inspiration behind my crochet patterns in the Wrapped In Love Line. 

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Author: Jo Baird

I LOVE to Crochet! I have been Crocheting for over 20 years and this year I decided to turn the love into a business. I still Crochet gifts to show my love, now I sell what I make to spread the LOVE!

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