12 Days of Christmas Round-Up

Sunflower Cottage Crochet is showcasing 10 fiber artists and their Christmas crochet patterns in their 12 Days of Christmas Round-Up.  You can find 16 patterns with Christmas gifts in mind.  You will find my crochet pattern for my Mini Stocking Ornaments in this Round-Up!  You can also find the FREE crochet pattern here at my website.

This post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase using these links I may receive compensation (at no added cost to you.)

Sunflower Cottage Crochet

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Here’s some of what Sunflower Cottage Crochet is saying about their Christmas Round-Up:

“So many designers have so many pretty patterns available for the festive season. We decided that we wanted to do a 12 Days of Christmas Round-up for you guys to showcase some of these fabulous patterns! So we have teamed up with 10 fabulous designers to bring you a round-up of 16 patterns that you can get hooking and complete before Christmas.


Our 12 Days of Christmas Round-up has you covered! They are cute and quick projects that you will LOVE working on.

Some of these patterns are free anyway. But some of them have been specially issued with a coupon code and a limited number of free downloads, with big discounts for everyone after that just for our Round-up! How awesome is that??


It would be wonderful if you could show all of these patterns a little on Ravelry or write a positive comment on the blogs, even if you don’t manage to get a free copy! Where I have put a code between ‘ and ‘ please do not use the marks when applying the coupon codes!”

You will find out more about these 10 fiber artists by stopping by Sunflower Cottage Crochet here!  When you visit them please be sure to Comment on these 10 fabulous crochet pattern designers websites or patterns.  Please leave some LOVE for our patterns while you are at the Ravelry Store.

You can find my Mini Stocking Ornament crochet pattern at my Etsy Shop JosCraftyHook here and at my Ravelry Store Jo’s Crafty Hook here. While you are there you will find the PDF crochet pattern 30% off until Cyber Monday December 2, 2019.  Please show me some LOVE by adding the crochet pattern to your Favorites on Ravelry and Etsy!

Please take a little time and stop by each fiber artists’ and show them a little bit of support.  After all this is a season for showing people you care.  The fiber artists work hard to bring their crochet patterns to you.  There is a lot of work that goes into designing crochet patterns, I can tell you it is true, I have worked with a couple of these artists myself.  Also, I work hard to bring you these patterns for free.

Stop by my Free Crochet Patterns here at my website and let me know what you think of my crochet designs.  Any comments, suggestions, and input is greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Jo’s Crafty Hook!

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From the Designer:

  • I would like to wish my pattern testers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well.  Without them I would not have gotten as far as I have with my free crochet patterns listed on my website.  Thank you ALL for supporting me and enduring all of the “number” of mistakes!  lol
  • While you are at my website be sure to subscribe to my Mailing List and Newsletter. This way you will be notified when I release another crochet pattern or blog post and be alerted to Sales, Coupons, and more!
  • If you have any questions or concerns about any of my Crochet Patterns, please email me at jo@joscraftyhook.com.  You will find my other crochet patterns here at my website.  I just posted a couple of my new crochet pattern designs.  They are the Pet Scarf Crochet Pattern and the Wrapped In Love Headband Crochet Pattern!
  • You are free to sell or gift my crochet patterns that you make.   If you sell them please reference me as the designer and where you found the Crochet Patterns.  If they would like to crochet the pattern themselves, please refer them back to my here website.
  • If you would like to purchase ad free pdf versions of any of my patterns, visit my Etsy Shop Items here at my website.  Every purchase of my patterns helps!  The money earned allows me to buy more yarn so I can create and design more Handmade Crocheted Creations and crochet patterns for you to enjoy.
  • I would LOVE to see your version of my Mini Stocking Ornaments!  You can “Hook It” at my Ravelry Jo’s Crafty Hook Designs here.  Pictures, Comments, Feedback are ALWAYS welcome below!  You can also share them at my Facebook Page Jo’s Crafty Hook Designs here!

You can also share your version of my crochet patterns at any of the listed sights below.  I would LOVE to see what pattern or patterns you have made! Thank YOU for being a part of Jo’s Crafty Hook!

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Jacob’s Ladder Square for the Patchwork Mystery CAL

YaY!!  You all made it to Week 12 and the last Square in the Patchwork Mystery CAL!  Today starts the last week of our Facebook Group the Patchwork Mystery CAL!  Week 12 showcases my Square, the Jacob’s Ladder Square.  The Jacob’s Ladder Square is last one of 12 afghan blocks featured in the Patchwork Mystery CAL!

This post contains affiliate links.  You can make a purchase using these links that I provide where I may receive compensation (at no added cost to you.)  Purchases you make will help keep my website, Etsy Shop, and my Ravelry Store going and provide quality designs just for you!

Jacob’s Ladder Square

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Here is my story behind the Jacob’s Ladder Square:

    “I had just finished my Jacob Ladder Hat and Scarf Set, which can be found here, when I was approached by the members of the Patchwork Mystery CAL group, asking me if I would be interested in joining and designing a 12×12 Square.  I was literally jumping for joy when I was asked!  Of course I said YES!  lol  The other 11 Fiber Artists have been Great!  Joining the Group and designing the Square has been Amazing-ly AWEsome!”

The Jacob Ladder Square was designed with my son in mind.  He had been told he was going to be deployed in April 2019 and I was constantly praying for him.  My son is a MP in the Army National Guard and as a mother, I asked God to watch over him while he was away.

Joey Lea Baird
Jo’s Crafty Hook Designs
Jacob’s Ladder Square


Naming the square Jacob’s Ladder made me think of the ladder Jacob, from the Bible.  Jacob had a dream about where angels were ascending and descending a ladder that reached up to the Heavens.  This made me think about all the trials and tribulations we go through in life.  Designing the square gave me hope knowing God is with us through all of our ups and downs, side to sides, front and back, on the ladders of life.  I believed God would also be with my son no matter where he is at because Jacob is also a child of God!

Wine Wine

Wine – This is a very smooth yarn with a polyester fiber added to it for brightness. It is perfect for all smooth and fine hand woven items, especially baby garments!

So, without further ado you can find the pattern for FREE below or you can get a PDF copy of my Jacob’s Ladder Square at my Ravelry Store Jo’s Crafty Hook Designs and my Etsy Shop JosCraftyHook.  The PDF crochet pattern can be purchased from my Ravelry Store here or from my Etsy Shop here!

Jacob’s Ladder Square

Jacob’s Ladder Square-Patchwork Mystery CAL

US Hook I/5.50 mm
2-3 ounces of #4 Medium Worsted Weight Yarn
Tapestry Needle

US Hook I/5.50 mm
4 HDC x 2 Rows = 1 inch

12” Length
12″ Wide

CH = Chain
SS = Slip Stitch

SC = Single Crochet Ch 1 does NOT count as a DC (Double Crochet)
FDC = Foundation Double Crochet FDC instructions from my YouTube Channel here
FPDC = Front Post Double Crochet FPDC instructions on from my YouTube Channel here
BPDC = Back Post Double Crochet BPDC instructions from my YouTube Channel here
FPTRC = Front Post Triple Crochet FPTRC instructions from my YouTube Channel here

Special Stitches:
Front Post Double Crochet – Double Crochet going around the Front Post of the DC in the Previous Row.
Back Post Double Crochet – Double Crochet going around the Back of the DC in the Previous Row.
Front Post Triple Crochet Front Post Triple or Treble Crochet–Yarn over (YO) hook two times.  Insert hook behind post of stitch (st). YO hook, pull up a loop, four loops on hook.  YO hook, pull through 2 loops, 3 loops on hook. YO hook, pull through 2 loops, 2 loops on hook.  YO hook, pull through last two loops.
Alt Ch 3 – I am using an Alternative Ch 3 in place of the Ch 3 some begin their Rows with.  My Alt Ch 3 is Chain 1 then DC in the same stitch. You may use any of the variations of the Alt Ch 3 methods out there.

Jacob’s Ladder Square

Jo’s Crafty Hook Designs

R1:  FDC 38 or Chain 41, dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in the next 38 ch.  Turn (38 dc)

R2:  Alt Ch 3, dc in the next 37 st.  Turn (38 dc) 

R3:  Alt Ch 3, dc in the next st, fpdc in the next 2 st, skip 2 st, fptrc in the next 2 st, fptrc in each of the previous 2 skipped stitches, dc in the next 2 st, skip 2 st, fptrc in the next 2 st, fptrc in each of the previous 2 skipped stitches, dc in the next 2 st, skip 3 st, fptrc in the next 3 st, fptrc in each of the previous 3 skipped stitches  dc in the next 2, skip 2 st, fptrc in the next 2 st, fptrc in each of the previous 2 skipped stitches, dc in the next 2 st, skip 2 st, fptrc in the next 2 st, fptrc in each of the previous 2 skipped stitches, fpdc in the next 2 st, and dc in the last 2 st. Turn (4 FPDC + 12 DC + 22 FPTRC = 38 stitches)

R4:  Ch 3 Alt, dc in the next st, bpdc in the next 6 st, dc in the next 2 st, bpdc in the next 4 st, dc in the next 2 st, bpdc in the next 6 st, dc in the next 2 st, bpdc in the 4 st, and dc in the next 2 st, bpdc in the next 6 st, and dc in the last 2 st.  Turn (12 dc + 26 bpdc = 38 stitches)

R5-R21:  Repeat R3-R4 ending with R3 

R22:  Alt Ch 3, dc to the end.  (38 dc) Turn

R23:  Ch 1, sc in same sp and each st remaining.  (38 sc)

If your Square isn’t wide enough you can adjust the Border.  You can replace the sc with dc on the Sides of your Square. The places where you can replace the sc are in ().

At the end of your last Row, chain 1 and put 1 sc (dc) in the end post of the last row you worked.  

Add 1 sc (dc) in the dc space and 1 sc (dc) in the end posts (The Alt Ch 3 will not have a post) until you get to a corner.  You should have 38 sc (dc) on the side of your Square.

Once you are at the corner, chain 1 , turn slightly, then add 1 sc in each stitch until you come to the next corner.  You should have 38 sc across the bottom of your Square. 

Once you are at the corner, chain 1, add 1 sc (dc) in the end post of dc, then add 1 sc (dc) in each of the dc and end posts until you get to the last corner.  You should have 38 sc (dc) on the side of your Square.

SS to 1st sc to join.  

Fasten off.

Weave in ends.  

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Taking Care of Your Crocheted Cover Ups

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In today’s post I want to talk to you about taking care of your Crocheted Cover Ups.  When taking care of your crocheted cover ups you should know that when using yarn most of them need to be washed specially.  Cotton yarn and Acrylic yarn are some of the most washable friendly yarns, but if you want your handmade crocheted creations to last, you should take special care in how to do it.

I myself wash ALL of my handmade crocheted creations on the Delicate Cycle.  I never throw them in the dryer, I like to air dry them.  When air drying I like to add liquid fabric softner to my wash cycle.  By doing this it ensures the material is still nice and soft when you go to wear it.  It also smells GREAT depending on which liquid fabric softner you use.

This is where Amazon Prime comes in.  By taking advantage of their Prime Membership you can purchase things like Downy and Tide to take special care of your Handmade Crocheted Creations.  Plus you get 2 days shipping!   How COOL is that?!  Click on the Amazon image below and start saving today!

Amazon Prime Day is July 16th and 17th and for 36 hours you can take advantage of ALL of the great deals they have going on when you sign up for their Prime Membership.  BUT the coolest thing….you don’t have to wait until July 16th or 17th!  You can start today and take advantage of the great deals they have going on now that are leading up to Amazon Prime Day!

If you sign up for membership now here are some of the special bonuses you will receive…..

  • receive $10 off when you download the Amazon App and sign in
  • if you install Amazon Assistant you will get $5 off purchases of $25 or more on Prime Day
  • unlock $5 discount on select Prime Day deals when look for items using Camera Search on your Amazon App
  • and if you shop for items at Whole Foods Market, use your Amazon Rewards Visa Card with an eligible Prime membership, you can get 10% back on up to a total of $400 in purchases

So take special care of your Crocheted Cover Ups when cleaning.  Amazon Prime helps crocheters like me when I purchase my washing supplies, but also in purchasing the items I need to keep crocheting my handmade crocheted creations!  Take advantage of the Amazon Prime membership!  I know I have!

If you haven’t already, please sign up for my posts!  I will be sharing more about the deals from Amazon Prime and also some of my most recent Handmade Crocheted Creations!  Sign up below!

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If you would like to share some of the GREAT deals you got on Amazon Prime, please feel free to share in the comments section below!  I also would love comments or feedback on any of my Handmade Crocheted Creations, so please feel free to leave those below as well!  Thank you for stopping by and be sure to sign up for my posts to see what my Crafty Hook has created next!


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