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I am SO excited to being adding a new Menu to my website!  The new menu will feature Jo’s Crafty Hook Designs at the Ravelry Store.  Whoo!  Whoo!

Below you will find the links to some of my favorite crochet patterns that I have in my Ravelry design’s library.  I hope you are as EXCITED as I am!  Now you can find all of my patterns, from Ravelry, all in one place!

There will be more to come!  If you don’t find something you like here, you can go directly to my Ravelry Store here!

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Diamonds Collection eBook

You can now find my Diamonds Collection eBook in my Ravelry Store and Etsy Shop!  The eBook is a $50 retail value.  As an introductory price of $30 you can get the eBook for 40% off the retail value!  The eBook contains crochet patterns for a Wrap, 2 Summer Tees, 2 Pocket Shawls in Adult & Child Sizes, an Afghan Square, and a Cowl!  One of the crochet patterns in my Diamonds Collection eBook is not sold in any of my stores, so stop by my Ravelry Store or my Etsy Shop and grab your copy of the Diamonds Collection eBook!




Wrapped in Love Boot Cuffs



Diamond Arches Shawl


Child Size Pocket Full of Diamonds



Diamonds Poncho



Pocket Full of Diamonds


Waffle Beanies


Twisted Cindy Set


Twisted Twizzler Set


 Wrapped in Diamonds Wrap




            Fairland Cardigan


            Amy Pullover





                  Fairland Sweater


         Nellie Poncho


        Tank Top of Love

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                                        Shelly Crop Top



Ombre Wave Tank Top


     Diamonds Summer Tee


      Nellie Summer Tee

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