Crochet Pattern Designing

Crochet pattern designing is NOT an easy thing to do!  In today’s post I want to share with you some of the designers I have been testing crochet patterns for; my version of their patterns; and where you can find their awesome designs!

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I recently started creating my own crochet designs and patterns.  Crocheting the item is the easy part, but writing out the pattern, that is another thing all together!  If you read my blog on my hats here you know that I have a couple of hats and tote patterns here of my own, but very recent I started designing and writing patterns for sweater vests, tank tops, and more.

To get a better understanding of how other crocheters design their creations, I started testing their written patterns.  I found a Facebook group that is just for designers and testers.   The designers post their creations and have other crocheters test their written patterns.  As I stated earlier there is A LOT of work that goes into writing a pattern.  I commend these crochet pattern designers and all other designers who write out patterns for their hard work and dedication!

In this post I am going to show you my version of the designers’ patterns I tested for, who they are, and where you can find their amazing patterns!  Are you as excited as I am?  Let’s get started.

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The first pattern I tested is by the designer Jessica Cooper of Crochet It Creations.  She calls this design ‘Savy Shrug.’  I tested the 3X version and you can find her FREE pattern here!   This was the first time I crocheted clothing sideways.  The design and yarn used in this pattern were an absolute delight to work with, great choice Jessica!

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The next designer’s pattern I tested was by the designer Rosemary Taylor of Crojo.  Rosemary calls her creation ‘Eilidh’s Ibiza Suntop.’  I tested the size Large and you can find Rosemary’s pattern here.  This is the first pattern I ever did where you go by your own body’s measurements.  As you can see from the photo below, it is a Great fit!  Rosemary sells this pattern for $1 and  all profits from the sale of this pattern are donated to The Beatson Cancer Charity in Eilidh’s name.  You can read more about the Beatson Cancer Charity here.

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The next crochet pattern I tested was designed by Crystal Marin Long of ChristaCoDesign and she calls her creation ‘Boatneck Shirt.’  I tested size small and you can find the FREE ‘Boatneck Shirt’ pattern for women here.  I am totally in Love with Crystal’s pattern!  I found it works up fast and the stitching in the design is beautiful.  I plan to make more tops with her pattern.  How about you, do you want one?!? lol

Denisse Sharpe or Deni the designer behind DeniMade is the next crochet pattern designer I tested for.  This is only the second time I crocheted a pattern where the front and back panel are crocheted as one piece.  My version is a size large and Deni calls her design ‘Hayden Tee.’  Deni liked the results she was seeing of this elegant tee so much that she designed a matching pattern for child sizes!  Deni designed 7 sizes for adults here and 6 different sizes for children here.

The ‘Waterfall Cardigan’ was another design I worked on by Jessica Cooper of Crochet It Creations.  There are so many ways that this light and airy top could be done.  I did a size Medium of the Waterfall Cardigan and you can too!  She designed this beauty in sizes XS-2X.  You can find this FREE awesome pattern at Jessica’s website here!

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I have learned some great tips and tricks from these wonderful designers.  I even designed some of my own patterns using these tips and tricks I learned from these wonderful women!  I tell myself it is never too late to learn something new and OH BOY! have I learned a lot new things in designing crochet patterns!

I hope you liked these designs so much that you visit each and everyone and crochet your version of the highlighted designers’ handmade crocheted creations!

JOANN StoresI am still testing patterns for these designers and others, so keep a look out for more highlighted designers and their handmade crocheted creations!

I would LOVE to hear from you and see some of YOUR handmade crocheted creations, so be sure to leave a Pic, a Comment, or Feedback below!  If you haven’t already be sure to sign up for my Mailing List.  You will receive my posts, newsletters, and more great stuff right in your inbox!  Thank you for stopping by Jo’s Crafty Hook!

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