Jo’s Boat Tote Crochet Pattern

In today’s post I would like to share with you my newest Handmade Crocheted Creation, Jo’s Boat Tote Crochet Pattern.  This pattern could have many names because the Tote has many uses.

You can crochet the tote and use the bag as a Purse, a School Bag, a Market Bag, a Beach Bag, and even used as a Gym Bag.  The bag has a wider bottom so it can hold many things.  It can be folded up and stored in your child’s locker.  You can hang it on a hook so it is within easy reach the next time you go to use it.  The bag is made with Acrylic yarn so it is sturdy enough to with stand machine washing.

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The pattern can be adjusted by as you crochet.  You can add more rows for a bigger bag or you can delete some rows for a smaller bag.  The pattern is easy to follow and even has instructions for the straps.  The straps used 2 strands of yarn at once to create a firmer, stronger handle for when the bag is filled with your goodies!

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After you crochet the Boat Tote I would LOVE to see your pictures!  I would also LOVE to hear from you!  You can leave comments or feedback below about Jo’s Boat Tote Crochet Pattern or on any other of my Blog Posts!

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