My Wrapped In Love Set is Being Shared

My Wrapped In Love Set is Being Shared!

My Wrapped In Love Set is Being Shared!  I am SO excited!  My CAL will be starting soon and I would LOVE for you to join me, but first I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you about this Valentine’s Day.  Here they are:

  • Are you looking for something different to give to your Valentine this year?
  • Are you looking for something different to crochet for yourself or a loved one?
  • Are you wanting to make something to wrap your loved one in?
  • Do you suffer from Scoliosis or Chronic Pain?
  • Are you wanting to crochet, but are afraid you can’t because you think the pattern is too long?

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Well I have the solution right here!  Join me, Joey Lea Baird or Jo of Jo’s Crafty Hook when I will hosting a CAL or Crochet-A-Long starting January 25th and sharing my Wrapped In Love Set!

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The CAL I will be hosting is in the Facebook Group called Crochet-A-Long with Us.  The group consists of 20 up and coming crochet pattern designers from around the world and has over 1100 members.  Me and the other 19 designers got together because we wanted to share our crochet patterns with you in one place.

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The pattern I will be sharing is my Wrapped In Love Set in the Crochet-A-Long with Us Group.  You can read more about the story behind it here.   For 10 days we will be crocheting the Hat & Cowl that I have designed specifically for that set.

Does this sound interesting?  Wondering what will be going on during my Crochet A Long?  Well let me tell ya:

  • Discount on my pattern when you purchase it from Ravelry.
  • Instructional videos in the FB Group and on YouTube for those who need Closed Caption.
  • Contests throughout the CAL.
  • Prizes awarded at the end of the CAL.

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Does this sound like fun?  Does this sound like something you would  be interested in doing?  Does this sound like something a friend would like to do?  Wondering what you and/or a friend need to do to join me January 25 – February 3, 2019?  Well here’s what:

  • Join our Facebook Group Crochet-A-Long with Us here.
  • Purchase my Wrapped In Love Set pattern from Ravelry here so you can have your supplies ready.
  • Use the Coupon Code LOVECAL here.
  • During January 25th and February 3rd join me and some of the other members as we crochet the Wrapped In Love Hat & Cowl together!

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If you suffer from Scoliosis or Chronic Pain, joining a Facebook Group like ours would be beneficial to you as well.  By joining the 20 designers and over 1100 members, you can share your work, have some fun, and maybe win some prizes along the way.  Crocheting together is a way to help you cope with some of the anxiety or depression that goes along with Scoliosis and Chronic Pain.  You can read more about my struggles with Scoliosis and Chronic Pain here on my website.

From Jo:

  • While you are at my website be sure to subscribe to my Mailing List and Newsletter.  This way you will be notified when I release another crochet pattern or blog post and be alerted to Sales, Coupons, and more!


Author: Jo Baird

Jo's Crafty Hook is all about crochet and turning crochet into Handmade Crocheted Creations.

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  1. I plan on doing more patterns Designed specifically for Cancer Awareness Month. Was there something specific you are looking for that I can find more info for?

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