Preemie Crochet Challenge 2020

Jo’s Crafty Hook is taking part of The Preemie Crochet Challenge.  The Preemie Crochet Challenge runs the whole month of August.  This is a first annual event being sponsored by Sunflower Cottage Crochet to bring awareness to the challenges faced with premature babies.  The Preemie Crochet Challenge 2020 is a charitable event to help preemie babies, families, charities, and the NICU or neonatal intensive care unit at a local hospital.




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The event is like a blog hop.  There are 31 crochet designers that will have a free pattern for you to download.  Each pattern you download is a pledge you are taking.  You are pledging to make at least one item that you download and donate to a family, hospital or charity in November for Preemie Awareness Month.


I designed a blanket specifically for this event, the Sweet Dreams Preemie Blanket.  In designing the blanket I incorporated a new stitch that I had just learned, the Crunch Stitch.


I used 490 yards of Premier Sweet Roll in the Color Gelato Pop. I really love the feel and color of this yarn!  I used and US I Hook or 5.5 mm Hook.  The size of the Sweet Dreams Preemie Blanket is 23” x 23”  The blanket can be made bigger or smaller using the stitch count of 2. The Crunch Stitch always starts with a half double crochet and ends with a slip stitch.


Sweet Dreams Preemie Blanket


I wanted to help raise awareness of this event because I remember the struggles my aunt and uncle went through when their baby was born premature.  I remember that they didn’t have all of the items a baby needs.  I remember my cousin was kept in the hospital in the NICU because he was having problems with his heart.  When my cousin came home he was still hooked to a heart monitor.  Even though I was a teenager at the time the family was not expecting these problems.  He is a healthy young man now.  The family came together and supported my aunt and uncle through these times.



Because this cause is so worthy of our time and sacrifice I have decided to extend the free pdf copy of my crochet pattern.  From August 10th – August 17, 2020.  To take advantage of free pattern, click on the button below and that will take you to my pattern at Ravelry.  Use the Coupon Code:  PREEMIE2020 at check out



I would LOVE to see your version of the Sweet Dreams Preemie Blanket!  You can add your Project to my crochet pattern at Ravelry.  You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  You will find all of the places to connect with me below.  When sharing your version please use #sweetdreamspreemieblanket.  Thank you for stopping by Jo’s Crafty Hook!  The button below will take you back to the Preemie Crochet Challenge.



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3 thoughts on “Preemie Crochet Challenge 2020”

  1. I wish to thank you so much for your pattern, it is so greatly appreciated, now I have more things I can create and give away for free. I have done hats and scarfs for the homeless. I have made sweaters, mittens, socks etc, now I can make items for the preemie’s, again thank you for your kindness. God Bless.

    1. You are more than welcome. I think you are great for donating the things that you make! Donating for the preemie’s is such a great cause! Be sure to share your version on any of my social media platforms, I would LOVE to see it! #sweetdreamspreemieblanket

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