Make Time for the Things You Enjoy

Do you make time for the things you enjoy to do? In this post, Abby Holt of Craftability, encourages us to do just that and how we can find the balance between the two.

Abby says:

Craftability is not a business, it is an extension of myself. I created Craftability to inspire people to put their crafting abilities to good use, whether it’s painting, jewelry-making, quilting, or calligraphy. Feel free to check out my website.

Make Time for the Things You Enjoy

Many people are looking for ways to find work/life balancing, including self-care through hobbies. Although we are conditioned to think that we need to be productive at all times, there are great benefits to simply doing things we enjoy. In fact, hobbies can help declutter your mind and can even be a stepping stone toward a new career or business. A few of the many hobbies you may choose to pursue are covered below from Jo’s Crafty Hook.


Jo Baird of Jo’s Crafty Hook

Although you might associate crocheting and knitting with your grandma, both have made a serious comeback – and for good reason. Studies have found that crocheting has a meditative effect on the body and mind, which makes it a great hobby for people with anxiety and ADHD. It has even been shown to engage the mind in ways that help to stave off cognitive decline.

If you want to get into crocheting, check out Jo’s Crafty Hook for tips and tricks!


It’s reported that 35% of American families now grow their own fruit and vegetables at home. It’s not difficult, and it’s a great way to get some fresh air and save money.

The internet is awash with tutorials on growing your own produce, and thousands of books are available on the subject. You can even do your bit for the environment by starting an organic garden to enjoy fresh, healthy, and environmentally friendly produce.



Though it is by no means a cheap hobby, learning the craft of woodworking can be very rewarding. There are some fundamental skills and tools you’ll need to become familiar with when starting out, and it’s wise to save money on raw materials when you’re early in your craft. As you gain experience, you can create projects for yourself or for gifting, and you can even turn it into a business.


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He was one of the most influential artists of the modern era, but did you know Vincent Van Gough was almost entirely self-taught? Besides the joy of seeing your finished work, learning to paint can also promote stress relief and cultivate emotional growth.

To learn the art of painting, you can sign up for one of the many online courses available, or take a look at some of the painting tutorials on websites such as YouTube. One of the most accessible paints to work with is acrylics, making it a great starting point for beginners.



Receiving a meticulously and patiently constructed gift from a loved one warms your heart in a way shop-bought offerings can never quite achieve. By learning to sew, you too can make gifts for special ones in your life. Hand-sewn coaster covers, DIY faux-leather handbags, and patchwork bags are just some of the things you can make with a needle and thread. If you prefer a self-taught, learn-at-your-own-pace method, look at some free learn-to-sew tutorials online.

Playing an Instrument

It’s never too late to learn a new instrument. Besides being fun, it’s likely to expand your social circle and flex your creative muscles. Play for fun, entertain your family and friends, or join a band and earn some money from your talents.

Go Back to School to Turn a Passion into a Career

If you find something that you love to do and that you’re especially good at, consider making it your career. For instance, perhaps you love working with kids and you’ve started teaching a few piano lessons or painting classes to kids on the side. You could go back to school for a bachelor’s degree in education so that you could formally teach kids full time. Plus, going to school online offers you flexibility and ends up streamlining, well, everything you need to complete for your degree. Look into online courses that fit your career goals and get started!

Creating a Business Around Your Hobby

You can eventually go one step further and create a business around your hobby. One of the easiest and least stressful ways of doing this is to establish an LLC. You benefit from limited liability and a lot less paperwork, not to mention the tax benefits you gain. Before you start, check regulations on creating such a company as they can differ from state to state. You can also avoid all the legwork and hefty lawyer fees by using a formation service to register your LLC.

Find Your New Favorite Pastime

You can take up a new hobby to fill time and have fun or take it further and create a business around it. It doesn’t matter because learning a new skill can provide a seemingly endless list of benefits, whatever you choose.

I hope you found this article from Abby Holt helpful.  Find out more from Craftability, whether you are looking for a new hobby; or are looking to find some relief from work or you are just looking for something to enjoy.

Abby says:

Craftability is not a business, it is an extension of myself. I created Craftability to inspire people to put their crafting abilities to good use, whether it’s painting, jewelry-making, quilting, or calligraphy. Feel free to check out my website.