The Best Gift Guide for Creative Souls

My friend Virginia Cooper is sharing with us another helpful article about the Best Gift Guide for Creative Souls.

So many times we find ourselves racking our brains trying to find that perfect gift for our family and friends.  Sometimes when you receive that unexpected gift that they have made themselves you are in awe or so surprised at their creativity.

So, in today’s article Virginia will be sharing with us some helpful tips on what you can get for your creative family and friends when you are stumped as to what to get.


The Best Gift Guide for Creative Souls

Searching for the perfect year-round gifts for creative friends and family members?  This can be a tricky feat to pull off. If you’re not sure what to get, Jo’s Crafty Hook has some great free crochet patterns on her website inspiring your loved ones’ souls.  

Arts and crafts

Shopping for someone who likes drawing, painting and papercrafts?  We found some real gems to get the creative juices flowing:

Crochet patterns. If the artistic soul in your life loves to crochet, you can pick up some digital patterns from Jo’s Crafty Hook that can help them put together some truly memorable creations.

  • Grownup coloring book.  Intricate, inspiring, and meditative, adult coloring books offer a sort of therapeutic creative outlet.  
  • Brushes? Markers? Both!  These marvelous tools allow artistic creations either in full-color drawings or calligraphic styles.  
  • Goodies subscription.  What artist wouldn’t want an assortment of tools to play with?  Even better, engage a subscription service for a new set of goodies to arrive every month.  Try giving a curated selection from ScrawlrBox.
  • Something sketchy.  Anyone who loves to draw needs a good sketchpad.  To help record, develop and execute ideas, try the Cass Art Mixed Media Pad. It’s spiral-bound and acid-free for serious sketching. Available from  


Sew easy

For those who express themselves with fabric and thread, we spotted some spectacular ideas from The Seasoned Homemaker:

  • Measure up.  Anyone who sews needs quilting and sewing rulers.  Look for transparent guides and a grippy surface to assist the sewist when using a rotary cutter.  Try the Omnigrip Non-Slip Quilter’s Ruler from CottonPatch.Co.UK.  
  • Pinnable blooms.  Sewers always need pins, but why settle for ordinary pins when you can opt for ones that blossom?  Flower heads make pins easy to find, are heat tolerant and lie flat under your ruler.  Adorable Collins Flat Flower Assorted Pins come in sets of fifty or one hundred from QuiltRoom.Co.UK.  
  • Magnetic attraction.  Losing track of pins can be frustrating, especially one ends up with them in your finger or foot.  Help the sewist on your shopping list keep track with a magnetic pin cushion.  The Zirkel Magnetic Pin Organizer holds pins in a chamber and naturally fans them for selection.  Available from  
  • Fabric.  Of course, no shopping list for a sewist is complete without a reminder to include some fabric!  Reach out to your local retailer to explore colors and textures in person.


Tech-savvy types

For the giftees on your list who enjoy computerized creativity, try these fun options:

  • Modern projector.  Nostalgically designed to remind us of the slide projectors of yesteryear, the ViewSonic M1 Plus allows users to share their photos and videos on a screen or blank wall.  It’s a nifty way to share digital imagery with family and friends.  Available from  
  • 3D Printer.  A desktop-sized 3D printer allows users to take printing to a whole new level. Monoprice Select Mini V2 is a great option for 3D printing beginners. Available from  


Other Great Gifts

Whether you want to amp things up a bit or go for something completely out of the box, consider one of these ideas:

  • Create an art studio. Why not go above and beyond by helping them turn a room in their home into an art studio? You can help them clean out space, paint the walls, refinish the floors and add new light fixtures. Not only will this give them a bright, airy space for their medium, but it could even make a difference in their home’s value. 
  • Luxury easel. If your loved one’s easel is a little worse for wear, consider giving them a new, beechwood easel like the Mabef M02 Studio Easel – Double Pole with Crank. This is a great model for large canvases, and you can find it at

With these diverse options, you are bound to find a great gift for your creative loved ones, whether the medium is fabric-related, paper-oriented, computer-generated or even something local.  Not only will you find something for your loved ones that screams creativity, but you’ll also show your appreciation for how unique they are. Have fun shopping!

Jo’s Crafty Hook is your source for handmade crocheted creations. Check out our free online patterns today!

I hope you find Virginia’s article helpful.  There are so many great tips here for those perfect gift ideas for those creative souls in your life.

You can find out more about what Virginia Cooper and what she does.  On her website you will find more helpful tips about balancing work, life and school.  Also 10 Work – Life books balance books to read.

Visit Virginia Cooper on her website Learn-A-Living.  You can also email me if you would like to see any more helpful tips from me or from Virginia.


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