Keeping Track of your Crocheted Pics

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In today’s post I wanted to make you aware of another GREAT deal from Amazon Prime!  When you crochet do you take pics and share your images?  Is your storage space bursting with all of your wonderful crocheted creations?  Keeping track of your crocheted pics would be so EASY on a tablet from Amazon Prime!  Click on the image below and see the GREAT deal Amazon Prime is offering on a Fire HD 10!  If this isn’t what you want to store your pics on, well that’s ok.  Amazon Prime has SO many more Tablets to choose from!  Click on the image of the tablet below to take advantage of all of the great deals Amazon Prime has going on right now!  They have Tablets and SO much more!

Think of all the pictures you have taken of your Handmade Crocheted Creations.  I know I am.  I have SO many images stored on my Tablet that I have used up all of my storage space.  I am taking advantage of Amazon Prime’s sale on Tablets so I can take more pics of my Handmade Crocheted Creations!  Some of my most recent Handmade Crocheted Creations are below.

Taking advantage of the discounts using Amazon Prime doesn’t have to wait until July 16th and July 17th.  If you sign up for Amazon Prime’s membership you can start saving today!  I know I am taking advantage of their membership buying things I need to make more items for my Etsy Shop which you can check out here!  Some deals I already took advantage of are below.

Keeping track of your crocheted pics would be SO much easier on one of the many Tablets Amazon Prime already has on sale!  If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime than do so today by clicking on their image below!  You will get great deals on other things as well like Music, Movies, Books, 2 day shipping and of course Yarn!

If you haven’t already, please sign up for my posts!  I will be sharing more about the deals from Amazon Prime and also some of my most recent Handmade Crocheted Creations!  Sign up below!

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If you would like to share some of the GREAT deals you got on Amazon Prime, please feel free to share in the comments section below!  I also would love comments or feedback on any of my Handmade Crocheted Creations, so please feel free to leave those below as well!  Thank you for stopping by and be sure to sign up for my posts to see what my Crafty Hook has created next!

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