Little Chappies Baby Pants CAL Part 4

Little Chappies Baby Pants CAL Part 4

Welcome to the Little Chappies Baby Pants CAL Part 4.  Today we will start crocheting the 2nd Pants Leg & 2nd Ankle.

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Share pics of any of your WIPs today inside the Crochet-a-Long with Us Facebook Group to WIN a FREE copy of the Stuff It Storage Bag Crochet Pattern.  This would be perfect for placing it close to your baby’s changing table or bathroom for easier clean up.


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If you missed Parts 1-3, you can find them HERE on my website.

Congratulations!  You finished Part 4 of the Little Chappies Baby Pants!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Part 5 where you will add the Waistband and complete your version of the Little Chappies Baby Pants!

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