Engaging with Entrepreneurship Post COVID

Engaging with Entrepreneurship Post COVID….What??  Take a look at this article and see how women can become an entrepreneur now that COVID has left us to pick up the pieces of our lives.

Has COVID created a void in your life?  Has it caused your whole life to change?  Well, Virginia Cooper of Learn a Living wrote the following article just for women and how they can start “engaging with entrepreneurship Post COVID.”

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What does that mean you ask…..keep reading this very informative article and find out how it can be beneficial to you.

When I first read this article by Virginia Cooper, I thought to myself…self “man, I could have really used this information when I first stepped out on my crochet business journey!”

There are still so many helpful tips inside that I can use in the future.  I kind of started my crocheting business backwards, starting a website and praying everything else would fall into place.  Boy, was I wrong.  lol

If the way you live and earn a living has changed since COVID or you want to make a change because of the way COVID has changed you, take a look at the article below that has some amazing advise you can follow to become an entrepreneur yourself.

Engaging with Entrepreneurship Post-COVID

They say that the best entrepreneurial opportunities emerge during times of crisis. Women with entrepreneurial minds may have been stalled during COVID-19, as many lost their jobs or had to return home during the pandemic.

But now it’s time to resume pursuing your dreams and engage in the entrepreneurial venture you’ve always wanted. Let’s break down how you can earn money online with your entrepreneurial ideas in detail.

Getting What You Need to Succeed

For starters, consider what you need for your entrepreneurial goals. Come up with a plan and decide whether you want to:

  • Pursue passive income streams
  • Start a business
  • Run a bunch of side hustles to determine your interests
  • Or something else entirely

Furthermore, set up a home office and buy any supplies you may need for your upcoming entrepreneurial efforts.

Any entrepreneur needs business skills, which is why you might consider going back to school and finishing or acquiring a business degree, marketing degree, or MBA. The right online degree program will give you the tools you need to succeed and run your business profitably for years to come. Plus, an online degree in business will help you develop your business acumen and market smarts: key advantages if you haven’t engaged in entrepreneurship before.


Forming a Business

As you decide on your business idea, be sure to form your business by:

  • Choosing a unique name that isn’t taken by a company in your state
  • Registering your new business with your state
  • Paying any applicable fees

As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to choose the right business structure for your new venture. An LLC or limited liability company is great for minimizing legal liability, enjoying tax advantages, and more. Check your state’s laws regarding LLCs so you file the right paperwork on time and pay the appropriate fees.

The Importance of Marketing

For your entrepreneurial venture to be successful, you’ll also need to market successfully. Marketing is highly important in this day and age, especially in the digital arena.

Effective marketing will involve using:

  • Google ads for target keywords that are related to your target audience
  • Social media marketing so you can engage with prospective customers
  • Other ads, like banner ads, that you can use to draw new traffic to your online store

It may help to hire a graphic designer to design attractive, compelling advertising graphics or a logo for your brand, especially in the earliest days of your business. 

Growing Your Entrepreneurial Adventure

As you market your business and sell your products or services, you’ll scale up your company for even greater success. Build a website, secure hosting resources, and keep advertising.

Over time, your brand will gain a great reputation and you’ll acquire new customers more easily. The great thing about entrepreneurship is that success tends to snowball. The longer you stick with it, and the more effort you put into your business, the more lucrative it will become.

COVID-19 might have seemed like a disaster. But it may really be an opportunity for you to stretch your entrepreneurial wings and achieve your dreams. Good luck!

Thanks for reading!  

I hope you find some helpful tips here if you are wanting to start your own business.  Yes, changing our lives, becoming a business owner can be rough, but if it something you think you can do …… no one can make that decision but you.

written by Virginia Cooper of Learn a Living
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You can also find out more helpful tips about learning a trade, going back to school and finishing your education.  You can find resources on how to do these things as well.

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