Summer Tops

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Wow! Yes, WOW! I am totally blown away by the reactions I received from 6 of my Crocheted Summer Tops that I made in the month of June.  In this post I want to share my excitement with you and the 6 tops that I made and their patterns. All of the tops I have made are from FREE Crochet Patterns I have found on Pinterest and I have permission to share them with you!

Over the weekend I posted 6 of my Crocheted Summer Tops in 2 of my Facebook Crochet Community groups. I never expected the responses that I received! Friday I posted the 6 tops in 1 of my Facebook Crochet Community groups and within 24 hours I received over 700 positive reactions! WOW right?! So what did I do, I posted the same 6 tops on Saturday in another one of my Facebook Crochet Community groups, who wouldn’t right? Within 8 hours I received over 500 likes, loves and over 100 comments! I was SO blown away!

I am still blown away!   The reason I am blown away is that I have been working SO hard to promote my Facebook Page Jo’s Crafty Hook and of course my website and I haven’t had very much traffic. My business page posts on Facebook have only been reaching an average of 5 people and my website has only had 366 hits.  Posting those 6 tops into 2 groups has lead to over 2500 likes, loves and over 300 positive comments. All of this was within 48 hours! Not only was I getting positive reactions but I was getting request after request for the patterns! I have had over 200 requests for the patterns for these tops! Unfortunately the patterns are not my own! Ugh right?!!  But I am not upset in the least, my crochet work is still getting seen and spread all over Facebook!

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Here are the 6 Crochet Summer Tops that caused me to receive so much feedback. These are the 6 crochet summer tops that I made in June and their corresponding patterns.

#1 or A. Granny Squared Crochet Top by One Dog Woof

Jo’s Version

#2 or B. Light-n-Lively by Lions Brand.

Jo’s Version

#3 or C. Granny Square Wardrobe Malfunctions by Handmade Mother

Jo’s Version

#4 or D. Sea Breeze Cover Up by Katerina Crochet

Jo’s Version

#5 or E. Easy Granny Square Tank Top by All Crochet Channel

Jo’s Version

#6 or F. Crisis Cross Tank Top by Rhelena

Jo’s Version

After you have reviewed your favorite top, please be sure to leave a comment here and with the original designer.  They deserve the credit for creating these great patterns and sharing them with us.

Be sure to stop back by and see what my Crafty Hook has created next, it has a lot more to share with you!  Also be sure to sign up for my Newsletter and to receive my next post right in your inbox!

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Author: Jo Baird

Jo's Crafty Hook is all about crochet and turning crochet into Handmade Crocheted Creations.

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