Free Cancer Hat Patterns Roundup

October is Cancer Awareness Month. There are many forms of cancer that can affect babies, toddlers, teens, and adults.

In recognition of Cancer Awareness Month I have enlisted a number of crochet designers who want to help raise awareness. You will find all of the crochet patterns below free on each designer's website.

You can crochet and donate these hat designs to donate to family, friends, and cancer centers across the world..

Berry Topper Beanie from Jo's Crafty Hook.

I used multiple colors to make the Berry Topper Beanie just for kids because their are many forms of cancer that they are diagnosed with.

Cancer Chemo Hat Pattern - Kim's Beanie from Through the Loop Yarn Craft.

.This year Through The Loop Yarn Crafts design for a crochet chemo hat pattern is inspired by and in honor of a longtime friend who has had a long battle with breast cancer, Kim.

Winter Links Beanie from Emerald Cherub Crochet.

The Winter Links Beanie creates a thick fabric with minimal gaps, due to the nature of the stitches.

Louka Beanie from Through the Loop Yarn Craft.

It’s October which means it time again for the Crochet Cancer Challenge. Through the Loop Yarn Craft has created a brand new pattern contribute; the Louka Beanie.

Ashley joins Sweet Potato 3 who hosts an amazing event that brings awareness and help support those battling Cancer.

Pink Ribbon Hat from My Fingers Fly.

My Fingers Fly’s crochet pattern is for an elegant chemo hat with a ring of pink ribbons around it using worsted weight yarn in white and pink.

Victoria Kid's Pillow Hat from Regina P Designs.

The pillow hat looks like a pillowcase for your head. Victoria needed made for her and her little sister wanted one too.

Rock Steady Beanie from Through the Loop Yarn Craft.

The Rocksteady Beanie design incorporates the color Lime to represent Lymphoma.

Little Nugget Preemie Beanie from Jo's Crafty Hook.

I wanted to share this beanie to bring awareness to Cancer because we recently lost our young niece who fought braving and never lost her love for life.  I have also have had family members who have had cancer in one form or another.