Wigs for Kids Charity Drive

Have you ever done something for someone else that made you feel really good? Or because you knew it would help make a little girl feel really special?

Here’s a little back story about how I got involved with Wigs for Kids.

I was loosing my hair a few years ago.  I was SO upset and going crazy.  I didn’t want to go anywhere, have anyone see me, I was so self conscious.  Eventually, I found out it was one of my medications.  I stopped taking it, got help from my adopted daughter, Vicki, and slowly my hair started growing back.  
After about a year, I went to a beauty salon to get my hair leveled out and I saw a sign advertisement for Wigs for Kids.  I asked the beautician what that was about and she gave me the details.
My experience was so traumatic that I wanted to do something to help because I could just imagine how a little girl losing her hair would feel.  After I seen the advertisement I let my hair grow out, and when it got long enough, I donated it to Wigs for Kids.  When I sent my hair to them, I asked it there was any way to see how my donation helped.  I got to see a picture of a little girl who got just a little of my hair helped out!  That was one of the best feelings ever!  I just donated my hair again about a year ago.  So you can see why this cause is very close to my heart ❤️



I joined Melanie Jane of Simply Melanie Jane in her Crochet Business Hop for Charity because I wanted to do more to help little girls feel special.  Melanie Jane has joined with 12 other crochet designers to raise money for the Wigs for Kids organization.  Her goal is to raise $1,800 to support this organization.

Melanie’s hop is a little different from most blog hops.  Each day she is spotlighting a crochet designer, sharing what it is that the do and letting you know how they are helping raise money for the drive.  The spotlighted designers are offering discounts and donating part of the proceeds to the Wigs for Kids charity drive.

If you would like to take part by donating your hair or help in some other way, visit Melanie’s Crochet Business Hop for Charity or you can donate directly to the Wigs for Kids Donor Drive.

You can check out the other designers beings spotlighted by clicking the button below.



Jo’s Crafty Hook is being in the spotlight again on February 18, 2022.  To change things up, I decided to offer another way to raise money for the Wigs for Kids Charity Drive.  Starting February 17-20, 2022 you can take advantage of my 50% off sale at my Ravelry and Etsy Shops.




You can still take advantage of the Child Size Pocket Shawl Bundle that offers you a discount as well as raising money for the charity drive.  50% of the proceeds of the Child Size Pocket Shawl Bundle will go to the Wigs for Kids Charity Drive.



Inside the bundle there are 2 child size pocket shawl crochet patterns, the Pocket Full of Diamonds and the Diamond Arches.  These shawls are designed specifically for little girls in mind.

My Child Size Pocket Shawl Bundle price has already been marked down, so you get a discount and the rest of the proceeds will go right to the Wigs for Kids Charity Drive.  You can take advantage of the bundle from my Ravelry Store (no coupon code needed).

Spread the word about this great Crochet Business Hop for Charity and more importantly the Wigs for Kids organization.

Please show your support in any way you can.  Thank you.


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