Double Cross Mobius Cowl

The Double Cross Mobius Cowl crochet is an oversized mobius cowl that is to be wrapped around your neck twice.  There are a couple of reasons I named this the Double Cross Mobius Cowl.

The wrapping around your neck twice is how I came up with the first part of it’s name.  The other part of the name I chose comes from the Double Crochet Cross Stitch, but with a different twist.

Because I used a thicker bulky yarn from knitpicks I wanted taller stitches in the cowl.  The extended double crochet and the extended double crochet cross stitch helped create those taller stitches.  



The extended double crochet and extended double crochet cross stitch is an idea that comes from using the Double Crochet Cross Stitch.  If you have never crocheted the Double Crochet Cross Stitch, I recommend trying this first.  To help you master all of these stitches, I have added 3 of my Left Handed Video Tutorials demonstrating how to crochet each stitch.


The Double Crochet Cross Stitch left handed video tutorial below demonstrates how to crochet this stitch.

The 2nd left handed video tutorial demonstrates how to crochet the Extended Double Crochet.

The 3rd left hand video tutorial I demonstrate how to crochet the stitch I created, the Extended Double Crochet Cross Stitch.




Check out more about the Double Cross Mobius Cowl crochet pattern, sponsored by #wecrochetofficial #wecrochet WeCrochet below.



Information about the Double Cross Mobius Cowl Crochet Pattern.

Material I Used:

MC – 270-400 yds of #7 Bulky Weight Yarn
CC – 230-370 yds of #7 Bulky Weight Yarn
US J Crochet Hook or 6 mm
Tapestry Needle
Stitch Marker

For the double cross mobius cowl I used  KnitPicks Brava yarn

This yarn is a thicker bulky yarn, #7.  The yarn is 100% acrylic and the yardage per skein is 136 yds or 100 g

I will definitely be using this yarn again because it is so soft and glides through your fingers like butter!

For my Main Color (MC) I used the color Sienna



For my Contrasting Color (CC) or second color I used Brindle





The Double Crochet Mobius Cowl Crochet Pattern has step-by-step picture tutorials and helpful left handed Video Tutorials for the 3 different stitches I used in making the cowl. 

The crochet pattern also has 3 different sizes to choose from; Small, Medium, and Large.  Inside the pattern you will also find out how to customize the cowl to fit your style, size, and colors.

If you are interested in trying to make one for yourself or someone you know, you can purchase a premium copy of my Double Cross Mobius Cowl at my Ravelry Store.





If you would like me to make the Double Crochet Mobius Cowl, I do take Custom Orders.  I can crochet you or someone you know, your  own Handmade Crocheted Creation is your style, size, and color(s)  You can email me at


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