Most Wonderful Time of the Year Roundup

As 2022 comes to an end, we all have so many things to be thankful for.

Most of all we are thankful for YOU! You are our friends, our families, those who make all of our hard work designing crochet patterns just right for you.

The crochet designers in the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Roundup want to celebrate their successes of 2022 with you!

Below you will find free and paid crochet patterns that are our most celebrated in 2022!


Most Wonderful Time of the Year Roundup featured the crochet designers listed below.
Be sure to stop by any of their social media sites and let them know what an awesome job they have done in 2022!

Jo’s Crafty Hook
Regina P Designs
Pine Tree Crochet
Crafty Patti
Made by Gootie
My Crochet Space
Straight Hooked
Raffamusa Designs
Golden Lucy Crafts
My Fingers Fly
Marsha Yarn Doodles
Lavender Cup Cottage Mosaic Crochet
Sandra Stitches
Ambassador Crochet
Frankie Kate
Big Momma’s Strings
Willow Crochet
OwensVillaChick Designs
Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Double Cross Mobius Cowl from Jo’s Crafty Hook.

This crochet design was one of my most favorite pattern to design this year.

Me and my husband had so much fun goofing off during the photo shoot.  He got me laughing, making funny faces and smiling just right for that perfect picture.

The Double Cross Mobius Cowl received yarn support from WeCrochet, which is always a plus to work with their gorgeous yarn!

For the whole month of December, you can get my Double Cross Mobius Cowl premium crochet pattern for 50% off using the Coupon Code:  DOUBLECROSS.


The Royal Bag from Regina P Designs.

This amazing bag was the result of multiple failed attempts to create a cute tank top. The top bombed but I managed to create this bag that I am so in love with!

You can find the Royal Bag as a free crochet pattern on Regina P Designs’ website.


Coastal Waves Beanie from Pine Tree Crochet.

I love matching sets and one skein wonders. The Coastal Waves Beanie is my most colorful pattern and best seller.

You can find the Coastal Waves Beanie as a free crochet pattern on Pine Tree Crochet’s website.



Daisy Holstein Cow Potholder from Crafty Patti.

The Daisy Holstein Cow Potholder is my top seller for 2022 and made with my mom.

The Daisy Holstein Cow Potholder crochet pattern can be purchased from Crafty Patti’s Ravelry Store.


Bohemian Mosaic Placemat from Made by Gootie.

The Bohemian Mosaic Placemat is my first Mosiac pattern, and my first crochet along event I have hosted. The pattern is great for someone who is new to crochet mosaic technique as the first part of the pattern has a video to help you get going.

The Bohemian Mosaic Placemat crochet pattern can be found free on Made by Gootie’s website.


Mosaic Mug Rug from My Crochet Space.

This mug rug is perfect for those days when you just have an hour crochet time and want to finish your started project in one go! This pattern uses the overlay mosaic technique, which is one of my favourite!

The Mosaic Mug Rug crochet pattern can be purchased at My Crochet Space’s Ravelry Store.


Throwback Throw  Blanket from Straight Hooked.

Remember a simpler time as you create the different hexagons and join them to create a cozy masterpiece!

You can purchase the Throwback Blanket crochet pattern directly from Straight Hooked’s website.


Tutti Frutti Granny Squares from Raffamusa Designs.

The Tutti Frutti Granny Squares have the been the most fun squares I’ve crocheted this year! It’s been a true joy to work on them and to see that everyone loved them too 🙂

The Tutti Fruitti Granny Squares crochet pattern is free on Raffamusa Designs’ website.


Dogwood Flower from Golden Lucy Crafts.

I live in an area where dogwoods are blossoming in April – May and the amazing beauty of these trees inspired me to design this crochet dogwood flower.

You can find the Dogwood Flower crochet pattern free on Golden Lucy Crafts’ website.


Snow Globe Gift Bag from My Fingers Fly.

Everyone loves a snow globe! These snow globes work as gift bags and work up quickly in worsted weight yarn. Because they only use a few yards of each color, they are great stash busters. They are also easy to personalize by using different colors and adding embellishments.

You can find the Snow Globe Gift Bag crochet pattern free on My Fingers Fly’s website.


Mom’s Angel Slippers by MarshaYarnDoodles.

These slippers were designed for my mom while she was in the final stages of cancer. She loved them & they kept her feet toasty warm! You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds when you wear them.

Marsha Yarn Doodles Angel Slippers crochet pattern can be purchased at her Ravelry Store.


Hannah Tropicana Blanket Mosaic Crochet Pattern from Lavender Cups Cottage Mosaic Crochet.

The Hannah Tropicana Blanket Mosaic Crochet Pattern is the perfect way to add a touch of style and comfort to your home. With this easy-to-follow pattern, you can create a beautiful blanket or bedspread that will keep you warm and snug while you watch your favorite show or use it as a bedspread or blanket on your bed. Yarn amounts and instructions for various sizes included.

The Hanna Tropicana Blanket Mosaic Crochet Pattern can be purchased from Lavender Cup Cottage Mosaic Crochet’s Ravelry Store.


Olive Scarf from Sandra Stitches

This Olive Scarf with pockets is the one you will go to on those winter days out! Easy to follow pattern with lots of texture, adding the fringe and pockets makes it the perfect Scarf for your winter wardrobe.

You can purchase Sandra Stitches’ Olive Scarf crochet pattern from her Raverly Store.


Flagstone Blanket from Ambassador Crochet.

The Flagstone Blanket has beautiful texture and uses super soft yarn. The results are amazing! It quickly became my newest best seller this year and I’m celebrating it with you!

The Flagstone Blanket crochet pattern can be purchased from Ambassador Crochet’s Ravelry Store.


Nova Hooded Triangle Shawl by Frankie Kate.

This hooded triangle shawl warm and cozy shawl is perfect for fall, rainy days and chilly evenings, but irreplaceable during those snowy, winter days to toss over your shoulders while sitting in your favorite crochet chair or on your way out.

The Nova Hooked Triangle Shawl crochet pattern can be purchased at Frankie Kate’s Etsy Shop.


Tunisian Stacked Witch Scarf from Big Momma’s Strings.

This pattern is a perfect addition to your holiday outfit. This pattern is for those crocheters who are comfortable working with more than one color.

You can purchase the Tunisian Stacked Witch Scarf crochet pattern from Big Momma’s Strings’ Etsy Shop.


Tiger Sweater from Willow Crochet.

It was my first ever sweater pattern and I’m so happy with how it turned out and how well it was received by everyone!

You can purchase the Tiger Sweater crochet pattern from Willow Crochet’s website.


Crossroads Dishcloth from OwensVillaChick Designs.

I am celebrating my Crossroads Dishcloth! This pattern was my first published pattern and inspired me to keep designing more crochet patterns! The Crossroads Dishcloth is an advanced beginner pattern that features the link stitch and works up quickly! A photo tutorial of the link stitch is provided in this pattern.

The Crossroads Dishcloth is a free crochet pattern at Owens Villa Chick Designs website.


Nordic Snowflake Blanket from Sunflower Cottage Crochet.

I am able to celebrate the release of this blanket because I have had the idea for in my head for about 18 months and it finally released!

I love Nordic inspired crochet patterns. There is a simple beauty that translates so well into crafts when using only 2 colours in a project. I think that this is what makes the Nordic theme so popular!

The Nordic Snowflake Blanket crochet pattern can be purchased from Sunflower Cottage Crochet’s website.


Unisex Scrappy Scarf from Sunflower Cottage Crochet.

During 2022 I have had a goal to use all of my scraps and work from my stash as much as possible.

What can I say? I have bought maybe 1/4 of the yarn I ordinarily would have during a year. I am also deliberately raiding my scrap buckets before looking for part or full skeins of a particular colour or yarn.

So, I can say so far so good!

You can find the Unisex Scrappy Scarf can be purchased from Sunflower Cottage Crochet’s website.


Kawaii Pumpkin Blanket from Stardust Gold Crochet

The Kawaii Pumpkin C2C  Blanket was part of a Fall Mystery C2C CAL that showed so many beautiful version of this blanket.  The CAL was a great deal of fun!

You purchase the Kawaii Pumpkin Blanket from Stardust Gold Crochet’s website.


We are so appreciative of your support in 2022!  We pray you continue supporting our business’ and all the effort we put into making these designs the best they can be!

Be sure to watch out for more great crochet patterns to come in 2023 and help up us celebrate each and everyone!

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  1. you can get a 50% OFF discount on Crafty Patti’s Daisy Holstein Cow Potholder crochet pattern from her Ravelry Store using the Coupon Code: HOLIDAY the full price is 3.50…so it should come out as $1.75, right? But when I tried to get the pattern it would cost me $2.10 instead. I am confused about the discount???

    1. I apologize for the mix up. If you would like to try again the discount amount has been fixed. Thank you for letting me know.

  2. Maybe I tried too early, but the PDF download for the Unisex Scrappy Scarf does not appear to be free on the Sunflower Cottage Crochet website.

  3. Hiya Jo! I absolutely love this roundup and got a lot of great patterns from it, thank you so much for getting it together! It had a lot of my favorite designers too. I just wanted to point out though, the last pattern from Sunflower Cottage Designs takes you to a 2 pound pattern not a free download. I looked around and couldn’t find a free way to get it anywhere. I absolutely love her and belong to her group on FB and have tested for her and everything, she’s a doll. Just wanted to tell you in case it was a glitch or you wanted to change the wording on the blurb or something. Loved everything though. Have a Fantastic day. I use your blog to help me find Blog Hops to share on my YouTube channel each month. My subscribers love it and since I almost exclusively use you for help now, I am telling them about your blog. I hope you get some new followers from it, but I am a very small channel. Sorry about the rambling, lol.

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad I rounded up some of your favorites for you. Glitch fix. Thank you so much for letting me know how I have helped. Merry Christmas

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