Acacia Skirt Crochet Pattern

The Shades of Autumn Blog Hop hosted by Agat Gootie of Made by Gooties started already, October 1, 2021.  I am collaborating in this event and I am giving away a free pdf copy of my Acacia Skirt Crochet Pattern on October 5, 2021!

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The Acacia Skirt Crochet Pattern was released in early September.  I am so proud of this new design, as this is my first skirt crochet pattern.  Let me tell ya, it won’t be my last!

This new design has a technique I have never used before, it uses your body type.  It can be customized to fit you from your waist to your hips to the body of the skirt!  There are also 3 length suggestions inside the pattern that you can choose from or you can crochet it to fit your own custom length.

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You can find out more information about the Acacia Skirt crochet pattern below.  There you can decide for yourself if you want a free pdf copy of the pattern.

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The name of the skirt is a little different.  I used the Wattle Stitch as the main stitch for the body of the skirt.  When you think of the word wattle, you think of that fleshy, flabby stuff that is found on roosters or turkeys lol that is not the definition I wanted for the skirt.  lol  So I looked up the meaning of wattle and that is where I found out the name Acacia.  An acacia is a type of flower that can be found in Australia and the branches and stalks are used for a type of fencing or walls.  Below is a picture of an acacia flower.



If you don’t crochet or don’t have the time to make one for yourself or family or friends, I would be more than happy to crochet one for you! You can fill out the Custom Order Form below or email me at and we can discuss how to make it to fit your style, size, and color(s)!



Below you will find some details about the acacia skirt that are part of the pattern and can help you decide if you would like to crochet this skirt for yourself or someone you know.

The waistband is worked in the round.
The rest of the skirt is worked in rows and are joined.
Alt ch 2 or ch 2 counts as a half double crochet.
There are 3 parts to the skirt, the Waist, the Hips, and the Body.
Sizes range from 24” 26” 28” 30” 32” 34” 36” 38” 40” consecutively.  If you need a wider waist, you can use the gauge and adjust your stitch count accordingly.
There are 2 types of ties for the waistband that can be found at the end of the pattern as another option to add to your skirt.

US H Hook or 5mm
12 hdc x 12 rows = 4”

I used Lion Brand Mandala Yarn, if you can not find that or would like to try a new kind of Light/DK Weight Yarn, you can try Premier’s Sweet Rolls DK.  I just bought some in Iceberg and let me tell ya………it is Heavenly!  You can get 10% off your order until 10/4/21.  Click on the image below and use my affiliate link to buy some today!


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I am SO proud of my testers and their versions of the Acacia Skirt!  They all customized the pattern to fit their size and length preference.  Thank you Kami Jones, Beth Bjerklie, Rachael Knights, Sallyanne Fisher, Becky Cupin, Danielle Hanken Tetreault, and Emily Funk!  Check out their gorgeous work below!




Mother’s Day Handbag Roundup

Mother’s Day is only a few days away!  Lisa Ferrel of My Fingers Fly has included me and 4 other indie crochet designers in putting together a Mother’s Day Handbag Roundup!

The Mother’s Day Handbag Roundup includes 8 FREE crochet patterns for handbags that can be found on each of our websites.  These crochet patterns are not just for Mother’s Day, but can be found all year long.


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Lisa of My Fingers Fly shares her Floral Handbag Crochet Pattern.  In addition to crocheting this handbag, Lisa has added a special lining.  She also adds lobster claw clasps to add the perfect handle.  The flowers add that special touch in the Floral Handbag design.

Floral Handbag Crochet Pattern


Angela Ader of Nine Inspired shares her Roxy Retro Circle Bag.  The circle bag combines vintage and modern when using the granny square circle design.  You can use your scrap yarn as well when crocheting the Roxy Retro Circle Bag.



Ashley Edmonds of Through The Loop Yarn Craft shares her Hampton Handbag.  Ashley uses 24/7 cotton yarn from Lion Brand in designing this handbag.  Ashley also uses the Herringbone Half Double Crochet stitch to bring definition to her Hampton Handbag.

Hampton Handbag


Ashley Parker of the Loopy Lamb shares her Bobblelicious Bag.  As you can tell by the name Ashley uses the Bobble Stitch.  In designing her bag, she uses Chunky yarn to make those Bobbles stand out!  She also uses a beautiful teal color cotton liner inside of the Bobblelicious Bag.

Bobblelicious Bag


Whitney Dunning of Pine Tree Crochet shares her Rainbow Sprinkles Handbag.  Ashley uses the Wattle Stitch and the Crab Stitch in designing her Rainbow Sprinkles Bag.  The handbag is worked in the round and you can use any Red Heart Super Saver varigated yarn in crocheting your own bag.

Rainbow Sprinkles Handbag


Agat Rottman-Cassel of Made by Gootie shares her Chevron Bucket Bag.  Agat designed this bag for the I Like Crochet magazine.  The bag is worked in the round from bottom to top and uses the Ripple Stitch.  Agat adds eyelets to the Chevron Bucket Bag for the drawstring to run through.

Chevron Bucket Bag



Lisa has another free crochet pattern on her website for a adorable Zebra Coin Purse.  .This adorable pattern can be made in 3 hours.  The Zebra Coin Purse is big enough to hold credit cards, money, drivers licenses and more.

Zebra Coin Purse


Whitney Dunning of Pine Tree Crochet shares another free handbag crochet pattern, the Grab and Go Clutch.  This bag uses the Moss Stitch to create the beautiful design.  The Grab and Go Clutch uses very little yarn, so you can use those scraps of yarn you have laying around.

Grab and Go Clutch


My free crochet pattern I am sharing is for my Sharon Bag.  I designed this bag for my mom, Sharon, so she could carry around her iPad.  In designing my handbag I used Cables/Braids using the Front Post and Back Post Double Crochet.  The Sharon Bag is worked in the round going into both sides of your starting chain.  There are 2 sizes to choose from, Small and Large.

Sharon Bag

You can find my Video Tutorial for the Front Post Double Crochet below.


You can also find my Video Tutorial for the Back Post Double Crochet below.


Thank you so much for stopping by Jo’s Crafty Hook!  I would LOVE to see your versions on any bag you have crocheted from this Mother’s Day Handbag Roundup!  You can share them at any of my Social Media sites below.


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